Exhibitions and Events


21st May - 6th June 2021

This exhibition is dedicated to the many hybrid forms of new media and their interference with other forms of art.

Artists contributing:

Sandra Becker, Monika Funke Stern, Hartmut Jahn, Maria Korporal, Richard Stimmel, Sigi Torinus

Curated by Monika Funke Stern

Multimedia - Audio/Video Installation



12th June – 27th June 2021

Opening reception 11th June, 7pm

The four participating artists dive deep into the world of abstraction, exploring shapes, outlines, colour and space.

Artists contributing: 

Jürgen Kellig, Joan Lazeanu, Petra Tödter, Burchard Vossmann.

Paintings – Drawings – Graphic Art – Works on Paper – Installation – Sculpture


Sofia - Berlin again!

3rd July – 18th July 2021
Joint German-Bulgarian art and culture project

Opening reception 2nd July 2021, 7pm

Artists contributing:

Birgit Maass, Sebastian Kusenberg, SCHLANGENBADER, Sabine Schneider, Jutta Barth, Siegrid Müller-Holtz, Ina Lindemann, Simone Kornfeld, Marianne Gielen, Sigi Torinus, Andrea Sunder-Plassmann and artists from Bulgaria

Paintings – Drawings – Sculpture – Conceptual Installation – Photography – Audio/Video installation


Fressen (Devour)

24th July – 8th Aug. 2021

Opening reception 23rd July, 7pm

Ute Deutz, Ute Faber, Jeanne Fredac, Futuria Art, Sybille Hoessler, Ina Lindemann, Hans-Oiseau Kalkmann, Simone Kornfeld, Nositiv Atelier, Gerd Pilz, Jens Reulecke, Corinna Rosteck, Franziska Rutishauser, Marianne Stoll, Tina Tahir, Catrin Wechler.

Curated by Franziska Rutishauser

Drawings – Paintings – Sculpture – Installation – Photography – Audio/Video installation


"Niemand Hat Die Absicht..." (AT)

13th Aug. – 22nd Aug. 2021

Guest/visiting exhibition


DIE NEUEN (New Members)

28th Aug. – 12th Sep. 2021

Opening reception 27th Aug. 2021, 7pm
Works from the 11 new artists who were admitted to the VBK association in December 2020.
Artists: Carolina Amaya-Gomez, Judith Brunner, Andrea Cataudella, Jeanne Fredac, Hyeja Kim, Yukihiro Ikutani, Andrea Imwiehe, Patrick Kaufmann, Sylvia Seelmann, Ila Wingen, Martin Wellmer

Paintings – Drawings – Graphic Art – Works on Paper – Sculpture – Installation Photography – Audio/Video installation


RE:ACTIVE Experiments with Materials and Objects

18th Sep. – 3rd Oct. 2021

Opening reception 17th Sep. 2021, 7pm
Artists contributing: Regina Jankowski, Karsten Kelsch, Birgit Maaß, Marianne Stoll
These largely spacious three dimensional works explore the relationship between objects, points of reference, structure, colour and the impact on transformative points of view.



9th Oct. – 24th Oct. 2021

Joint German-Italian exhibition in cooperation with the Municipal Museum GAETA Italy.

Opening reception 8th Oct. 2021, 7pm

Artists exhibiting:

Peter Lindenberg, Ina Lindemann, Simone Kornfeld, Marianne Gielen, Ruźa Spak, Guest: Barbara Duisberg

Artists from Italy:
Stefania Fantone, Carlo Fantasia, Kika Bohr, Francesco Pernice



30th Oct. – 14th Nov. 2021

Opening reception 29th Oct. 2021, 7pm

Artists exhibiting:
Jutta Barth, Birgit Borggrebe, Lupe Godoy, Marilyn Green, Maria Korporal, Guest: Pauline Disonn

Curated by Marilyn Green

Objects – Paintings – Drawings – Photography – Installation – Video installation


Mysteries in Character

20th Nov. – 6th Dec. 2021

Opening reception 19th Nov. 2021, 7pm

Group exhibition dedicated to the idiosyncrasies of personal being.

Artists participating:

Carolina Amaya Gomez, Andrea Cataudella, Christoph Damm, Richard Stimmel. Guests: Jana-Alexandra Fischer, Til Nüsken, Volkmar Schulz-Rumpold

Curation: Christoph Damm


The VBK’s winter exhibition promoting its own members

11th Dec. - 31st Dec. 2021

Opening reception 10th Dec. 2021, 7pm