The increasing mobility of cultural producers opens up new perspectives as much as it challenges the possibility of a shared positioning; a challenge that the VBK meets with the model of the ARTS CLUB BERLIN. Envisioned as a forum for communication, the Arts Club creates an open informal meeting point for international and local cultural producers. Through regular club meetings, lectures and discussions, the club promotes interdisciplinary, intergenerational and cultural exchange. The ARTS CLUB BERLIN is a place of hospitality and understanding between individuals with differing life and work experiences. In addition to establishing solidarity between local cultural producers, another major concern is to provide a point of orientation in the city’s art scene for those who are new to Berlin.

Embedded in the institutional context of the VBK, the ARTS CLUB BERLIN benefits from the professional, social and administrative infrastructure of the association and its members. At the same time it seeks institutional partnerships and project-based cooperation with international exchange and scholarship programmes, the cultural sections of embassies and art institutions based in Berlin. The public discourse programme, launched in autumn 2012, is the starting point for a series of discursive events that investigate contemporary forms of artistic production.

With public events and different types of institutional cooperation, the ARTS CLUB BERLIN is an informal platform of artistic exchange that makes a valuable contribution to the understanding and the solidarity amongst artists and cultural producers.