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ARTS CLUB BERLIN | INVITATION  I  public discourse  I Monday, September 15th, 2014 | GALERIE VEREIN BERLINER KÜNSTLER

public discorse
An international forum for artists, curators and cultural producers

The public discourse  program as a part of the ARTS CLUB BERLIN starts on September 15th,  2014







with the autumn series of topics ART and POLITICS / " worth & value"  in public discourse
The conception of value has changed in the past years in the art scene. It has become common to work free of charge when projects promise pleasure, prestige and creative freedom, since freelance cultural producers strive for independence and maximized self-determiniation. However, when material security cannot compete with symbolic capital, how can creative professionals make a living? What effect do these working conditions have on artistic, curatorial and critical practice? When does the promise of personal self-fulfilment become a dazzling slogan and how much solidarity is possible and necessary within seemingly infinite individualisation?
In this context the series worth & value in public discourse highlights different topics: Entrepreneurial power and responsibility, the economic principle of recycling as well as the relationship of art criticism and curating are discussed with artists, curators, political scientists and politicians who are involved in cultural production and may be able to make a difference.
Curated by Frederiek Weda, Kristina Hinrichsen and Julia Martha Müller.

September 15th, 2014
Entrance 7 pm,
Starting 7.30 pm

Caring Capitalism
public discourse with
PD Dr. Wolfgang Heuer, Associate Professor for Political Philosophy and Theory at Otto-Suhr-Institut, FU Berlin
Henrike Naumann, Artist, Berlin

Cooperation between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and art can be interpreted either as an opportunity to exercise cultural and social duty through private players or as an economic take-over of artistic production and criticism. When corporate companies practice public welfare and cultural sponsorship does it automatically cause the inevitable reinforcement of non-democratically legitimated power? Where governmental regulations are lacking, can there still be artistic processes, which critically reflect their own economic-liberal context of emergence? And if so: how can it be done and what are the consequences?

Discussing opportunities and side effects of CSR in the field of Visual Arts will be Dr. Wolfgang Heuer – Hannah-Arendt-expert and associate professor for political philosophy and theory at Otto-Suhr-Institut (Freie Universität Berlin) who is conducting research on the model and potential of CSR, i.a. with a film about the current situation in Brazil, and Berlin based artist Henrike Naumann, whose spatial video installations, Triangular Stories (2012, diploma project at HFF Potsdam) and Untitled (2013) deal with right-wing extremism in Germany and who is presently working on presentation and preservation conditions of art in capitalist societies.

You are sincerely welcome
Greetings from the ACB Team

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* The public discourse program is a key element of the ARTS CLUB BERLIN, committed to investigating recent developments, concepts and forms of practice in discourses of contemporary art. At the Invitation of the VBK curators, artists and scientists are asked to organize a discursive
program that is internationally oriented yet at the same time retains a focus on the local context of Berlin.
The program has a particular focus on different forms of artistic practices and their conditions of production. What is artistic practice today and what are its contexts? Taking this question as a point of departure, the public discourse program seeks to contextualise contemporary concepts of
artistic practice within political, social and economic settings in open lectures and discussions with international artists, curators and representatives of non-artistic fields.

Schöneberger Ufer 57
D-10785 Berlin Tiergarten-Mitte
Fon 0049 - (0)30 - 261 23 99


Triple A

Eröffnung Mittwoch, den 3.09.2014 um 19 Uhr

In einer minimalistischen Einführung werden die Künstler vorgestellt:
Birgit Borgrebe | Marianne Gielen | Jürgen Kellig | Simone Kornfeld | Ina Lindemann | Sabine Schneider

Vortrag und Künstlergespräch mit Wolfgang Siano ( Kurator der Ausstellung): Mittwoch, den 10. September um 19 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 04. bis 28. September 2014

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Sechs Positionen zeitgenössischer abstrakter Malerei stellen sich der Frage nach der Aktualität abstrakter, ungegenständlicher Malerei heute im Zusammenhang mit den sich ständig verändernden Wahrnehmungsmustern unserer Gegenwart. Was ist so abstrakt an der abstrakten Malerei heute? Welchen überindividuellen Anspruch erheben einzelne Positionen? Sind nach dem “anything goes” noch
gemeinsame Strategien erkennbar?
Haben medienreflektorische Gedanken Einzug in die Welt der aktuellen Malerei gehalten? Wie sind diese Positionen im Kontext der aktuellen Kunstszene zu betrachten?
Viele Fragen und der Versuch, Antworten zu wagen – das könnte ein Anliegen der Ausstellung TRIPLE A sein.